Yan Zhang

Digital Marketing

Dynamic digital marketer with expertise in strategic consulting, finance, tech security, management analyst and privacy protection. Yan (Yen) has demonstrated success connecting the dots for clients relative to implementing solid marketing practice and tangible business outcomes.

Terry Marin

Strategy and Branding

Visionary international award-winning marketing expert with extensive experience in high-tech sectors and strictly-regulated industries. Terry has an impressive record for developing and delivering exceptional marketing strategies that drives out market-moving factors and produces results.

Dara Prais

Professional Writer, Research Specialist

A veteran writer, research specialists, and collaborative creative professional placing client confidentiality at a premium.

Summary of Specialties and Qualifications: Project Management - Corporate Writing - Strategic Communication Messaging - Skilled in Data Analytics – Superior Attention to Detail – Blog and Article Writer for Professional Services for a Variety of B2B Clients.

Tim Crennen

Copy Editor / Photographer

Highly skilled Copy Editor and Photographer with extensive experience working business-to-business initiatives, including entertainment and sports industries, additive manufacturing, high-tech engineering companies and more.

Passion and Philosophy

True and high-power marketing solutions create tangible results


  • Delivering excellent work
  • Providing actionable data
  • A good product/service does NOT stop evolving
  • The best approach is to keep it simple


Our work is strategic, relevant, unique and engaging. While we are experts at marketing, we look to you for your specific insights and business experiences. Our strategies work in the context of your industry and your audience.

It’s About YOU

That’s enough about us. Now let’s talk about you, how to create an advantage for your brand and drive revenue.

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