Biblically Sound and Academically Invigorating

November 28, 2019
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Protecting Victims’ Rights
September 28, 2019

Biblically Sound and Academically Invigorating

A classical Christian education, Arma Dei Academy teaches students how to think and not just what to think. The school aims to raise the standards beyond what our culture expects by training students to reason, discern and aspire.

Finding a school where your child can flourish can seem complicated. With the idea to simplify the admission difficulty online while providing an intuitive experience for current students and parents, Arma Dei came to XYZ Advantage for a website revamp.

After touring the school, chatting with parents, students, and school staff, we started charting the information hierarchy. At the same time, we documented the potential changes of the website structure for backend SEO purposes - so that we will maintain the current keyword rankings as well as setting up the foundation for future improvement.


Targeted and Efficient Anchor Links

One of the greatest difficulties is to sort through the huge amount of data and simplify the navigation while answering all the questions related to classical education, Christian education, and what makes Arma Dei unique. That's why we incorporated sub-menus on the page as well as specific anchor links that allow users to jump to sections that are relevant to them quickly and directly.