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Rekindle an Old Flame – Literally

June 6, 2017
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June 17, 2017
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March 29, 2017

Safety with the Sparks

This is one of the oldest fusee brands. For more than 62 years, Gateway Safety Flare has created the superior professional-grade highway safety flares for the police, military, and other entities.

Like many legacy businesses, Gateway Safety Flare has built on a traditional sales model with minimum marketing efforts, and is highly dependent on word of mouth. Realizing the lack of strategic marketing planning as a potential obstacle of further expansion, the company turned to XYZ Advantage for help.

Developing the Brand and Strategies around Customers

While the company had no marketing strategies or planning, the sales team had deep relationship and rich knowledge regarding the safety signal market and the customers who benefited from Gateway Safety flares. They were the spark that would ignite the traditional brand and our work.

We explored the product, the market and competition with the sales team, the certified vendors, customers, and potential users. This was essential to discovering the deep connection between the customers and the Gateway Safety Flare, and also better understand the strategic advantage that could help the company further expand into the safety product market.

With thorough research and investigation, we quickly discovered the consensus among customers that they view the Gateway Safety Flare as a "highly professional safety product". Once we confirmed this brand recognition, we had several group work sessions with the entire team to share information and ideas on how to create something different for Gateway Safety Flare.

We also created a visual direction that would allow the company to stand out from their competition. In order to make the new brand and website highly recognizable by their existing customers, we explored various options, then focused on three areas that help define the product: the product itself and the color combination, the professional use cases, and the amazing customer services.

The New Website

The website was built with the focus on core functionalities - SEO on primary high-volume keywords and clear & effective call-to-action to generate quality leads. That does not mean we just tossed away great ideas, as there will always be a V2 and subsequent updates/releases.