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Digital Marketing Services Beyond the Funnel

The success of your digital marketing is measured by its impact on your profits and bottom-line at XYZ Advantage. 

Results-Driven SEO

SEO services at XYZ

Drive an insane amount of relevant and organic traffic with high-quality content and an intelligent link profile – we don’t play the system. 

Studies show organic search results are easier to trust than paid ads. That’s why traffic driven by an effective SEO campaign converts. 

Different from other SEO practices, we start our work from bottom-funnel-up to win transaction-intent keyword ranking first.

Our SEO services include:

  • Comprehensive SEO audits (technical, content, and UX)
  • Content strategy, execution, and promotion
  • Clean, fast, and wildly effective link building 
  • Detox, rebuild, and link recovery
  • Conversion optimization
  • Lead tracking, life-time-value optimization
  • Lead follow-up for better sales conversion rate

Digital Advertising (PPC) to Monetization

ppc services at XYZ

Different from SEO, digital advertising (or pay-per-click PPC advertising, such as paid search ads, paid Facebook ads, paid Instagram ads, etc.) provides results instantly. It can also burn through ad spend if not being managed correctly.

To maximize company’s ROI, we prioritize profit over revenue, by keeping our eyes on both the sales volume and cost per acquisition.

Our PPC services include:

  • Comprehensive PPC audits to show you how we can eliminate wasteful ad spend and maximize your ROI
  • Ad strategy, creation, execution
  • Creative production
  • Landing page creation and ongoing optimization
  • A/B tests
  • Lead tracking, life-time-value optimization
  • Lead follow-up for better sales conversion rate

Email Marketing: the Reliable Revenue Driver

email marketing services at XYZ

For e-Commerce businesses, email should drive at least 30% of your total revenue. If you are not at this market, click the button below to schedule a free audit right now.

For lead-gen businesses, email releases tremendous pressure from your sales team, and drives as much as 4x more ROI than any other channel.

At XYZ Advantage, we work backward to drive revenue, by focusing on the person behind the email address.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Comprehensive funnel/flow audits (account-based, behavior-triggered, lifecycle-stages)
  • Email strategy and campaign calendar creation
  • Segmentation and optimization
  • Funnel/flow automation
  • Funnel/flow A/B tests
  • Lead tracking, life-time-value optimization

Turn Your Website into A Stellar Sales Rep

website services at XYZ

Nowadays, your website wears many hats, from introducing your business to the world, driving organic search traffic, answering customers’ questions, to generating leads and selling products.

Your website is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy and the converting machine to drive revenue.

Without proper SEO practice and CRO (conversion rate optimization), you could end up with a pretty website that doesn’t generate sales. 

Our Website services include:

  • CRO-driven UI/UX
  • Search engine optimization (and preservation during a revamp project)
  • Content strategy, content writing, and editing
  • Branding
  • Target Audience Persona Research
  • Speed and mobile optimization
  • Performance and lead/sales tracking optimization

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