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XYZ Advantage was built with data analytics at its core, human behavior in its mind, and innovation at its heart.

We are laser-focused on uncovering insights that create relative and interactive conversation designed to connect your target audience with your brand, and optimize outcomes to your benefit.

  • Joline Lenz, CEO
    Yan is strategic, intelligent and focuses on what matters most – the impact our services have to our clients. She’s been instrumental with our SEO, website development, blog content and other marketing material.  She is an incredible resource and goes the extra mile!
    Joline Lenz, CEO
    the LENZ Firm
  • Jim Corboy, CEO
    With a unique blend of creativity, expertise, commitment, and determination, Yan provided exceptional service to our company. Yan’s response to our proceedings and evolutionary thinking was extraordinary. Her technical skills are without equal. Importantly, she is fun, a real joy to work with.
    Jim Corboy, CEO
    Progrid Systems
  • Tom Brainard, Previous VP of Business Development
    We engaged XYZ Advantage on a multitude of projects at National CineMedia. The team brought exceptional skills and value in digital marketing including social platform strategies, search engine optimization, and digital creative production.
    Tom Brainard, Previous VP of Business Development
    National CineMedia
  • Todd Horning, President
    Our previous engagements with other marketing professionals had, in the past, been discouraging and produced unsatisfactory results. However, upon hiring Terry and Yan the outcome has yielded the opposite. In addition, I have learned what constitutes an effective outcome-based marketing strategy with special emphasis on online media. I am impressed by the knowledge and experience both Terry and Yan bring to the team as they willingly train staff on future focused marketing strategy goals tied to our specific market. They are both extremely flexible to work with and have a network of resources to accommodate a variety of support needs. I highly recommend their services as they are a valuable asset.
    Todd Horning, President
    Gateway Safety Flare


  • Enormous Leeway Yielding Unprecedented Outcomes

    FC Crestone is regarded as special situation boutique private investors and has been very successful in the turnaround private equity field. We were approached to help the company revamp the brand and the website, so that it communicates effectively with the existing customers/partners and the prospects.
  • Rekindle an Old Flame – Literally

    Like many legacy businesses, Gateway Safety Flares have built on a traditional sales model with minimum marketing efforts, and is highly dependent on word of mouth. Realizing the lack of strategic marketing planning as a potential obstacle of further expansion, the company turned to XYZ Advantage for help.
  • Personalized. Effective. Medical Care

    Given the philosophy of achieving optimal health conditions, we wanted the QUANTUM Health Solutions website to be as vigorous and scientific as possible...
  • Simplifying Complexity

    Helping PROGRID SYSTEMS, an advanced microgrid coalition system simply its offering and promote how they bring the world's leading microgrid system to business around the US.
  • Reaching New Heights

    Safety One Training, is the industry leading company in this specialized field. We have had the great pleasure of meeting these amazing professionals and assisting with their rebranding, messaging, website, SEO and other digital marketing programs.
  • Through the LENZ

    We worked side-by-side with Joline and her team to create a unique experience for manufacturing companies to better understand their talent strategy and improve ROI through hiring quality candidates...
  • A Fresh New Look for Art

    To create a website that matches the world-famous artist’s work, we made sure the website is: Simple and Elegant, Modern and Engaging...
  • Nathan Yip Foundation Case Study

    We distilled our findings into the new messaging strategy and the website, which illustrates the evolution of the focus of the Nathan Yip Foundation and ...

YOUR Advantage

Results-driven marketers to deliver true and high-power marketing solutions through meaningful and effective digital experience.

Effective & Innovative

The most effective way to market is to move beyond mere customer satisfaction and tap into the high-impact motivators that connects with customers instantly. That is what we do better than most of our competitors.

  • We develop powerful strategy and practical & actionable objectives that spans the customer journey.
  • We reshape your path from finding customers to being found across channels.

Rapid Turnaround

Speed and efficient productivity are one of our top advantages.

  • We are extremely organized and highly motivated to help your company succeed.
  • We are a quick study and are capable of gaining deep insight in complicated situations and industries within a short time period.

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