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Board of Advisors

Peter Lathrop, Marketing

Former CMO of Samsonite; Currently a Lecturer & Strategic Consultant at University of Denver

After a career of more than twenty years as senior executives for companies like J Walter Thompson, Samsonite, Black and Decker, Brown Forman, where for eight years he served as President and CEO of luxury product division, Peter has dedicated his life to teaching at the University of Denver, where he met Yan. Peter is esteemed by colleagues and students for his insightful analysis and results-driven marketing approach. Yan learned a great deal from Peter in terms of critical thinking and practical problem solving skills, which create the core unparalleled advantage at XYZ.

Tom Feige, Operation

Former President of National Division, Time Warner Cable, Currently Co-Founder of Strategic Security Partners LLC

Tom has an extensive background in software development, B2B marketing, and executive management. In the past 38 years, he led multiple companies developing, marketing and operating new technology-based businesses. During his time at Time Warner Cable, Tom led the team that developed the first consumer video-on-demand, high speed Internet access, and many other digital services. It’s a great honor to have Tom on our Advisory Board as he brings exceptional value and practical insights to guide XYZ Advantage grow in an fast-evolving industry.

George Rentz, Customer Experience

Former VP Of Customer Care At Time Warner Cable; Currently Co-Founder of Strategic Security Partners LLC

Seasoned marketing executive George Rentz has experience leading the national top brands and innovative start-up companies. His past experience comprises working in marketing and customer care positions at American Television & Communications Corp, Time Warner Cable, Strategic Security Partners, idRADAR, and Elements5280 Gallery. His broad background includes success in P&L management, long-term customer satisfaction, and quality assurance.

Ronald “Ron” Rizzuto, Finance

J. William Sorensen Distinguished Professor in Finance

Ron has been an esteemed professor at Daniels College of Business since 1975. He holds a PhD in Finance and an MBA in Management from New York University, and a BS in Finance and Marketing from the University of Colorado. He is an expert in acquisitions and finance, specialized in corporate mergers, strategic partnerships and acquisitions, consulting with major energy, transportation, telecommunications and banking corporations, both U.S. and internationally based. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of media and telecommunication, Ron brings a unique point of view on fundamental strategic matters.

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