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The Nathan Yip Foundation supports education projects in rural areas of Colorado and China, to help the locals end the cycle of poverty.

As the agency of record for the non-profit organization and working with the President and Executive Director, we distilled our findings into the new messaging strategy and the website to illustrate the evolution of the focus of the Foundation.

Back to Basics – Rebranding

Nathan Yip was a young man who had great empathy for the world’s challenges. He envisioned a place through which unbridled collaboration could end the cycle of poverty by providing equal access to educational opportunities.

After Nathan passed away in 2001 at the age of 19, Jimmy and Linda Yip (Nathan’s parents) dedicated their lives to making Nathan’s dream his legacy. It is Jimmy and Linda’s hope that the Nathan Yip Foundation will build upon Nathan’s legacy and bring positive energy and fulfillment from their most tragic loss.

As the mission is to help all the children, the foundation has supported various types of projects all over the world with a wide spread impact that is hard to evaluate and quantify.

After spending weeks meeting and speaking with donors and supporters of the foundation, we saw a gap between the supporters’ perspective of the foundation and the vision of the board of the foundation. 80% of supporters were only aware of the Chinese projects, therefore considered the foundation a Chinese education supporting organization.

The Idea & Execution

To align the perspective with the board vision to focus on projects in China and Colorado, where the founders call home, we needed a rebranding effort, a communication plan, and a website that is built around functionality their fundraisers actually need — and would use.

We began by identifying the specific point of differentiation and disconnection from supporters of Nathan Yip Foundation. Then through interviews, we uncovered the different pain points in the existing website and their traditional fundraising process — both online and offline.

We then distilled our findings into the new messaging strategy and the website, which illustrates the evolution of the focus of the foundation and provides seamless pathways to online support methods.


The results suggest that this combination works. Metrics show 20% growth of the participation of all fundraising events through out the year.

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