Find Your Competitor PPC Keywords Using These 3 Tools

Staying ahead in the PPC game is crucial for success. At our agency, we’ve honed our strategies not by outguessing the competition, but by gaining deeper insights into the market. We rely on three key tools for competitor PPC analysis: Ahrefs, SpyFu, and iSpionage. These tools are the cornerstones of our approach, providing us with comprehensive data and insights to craft winning PPC campaigns.

In this guide, we’ll delve into how these tools offer invaluable insights into the PPC strategies of your competitors. We use these tools not just to observe but to strategize and refine our campaigns, ensuring that we’re always in tune with the dynamics of the market. By leveraging the capabilities of Ahrefs, SpyFu, and iSpionage, we gain a clearer view of the competitive landscape, enabling us to optimize our PPC efforts for maximum ROI.

By the end of this guide, you’ll not only have insights into your competitors’ PPC keywords but also the ace up your sleeve to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI, much like a poker champion closing a winning round.

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How to Run a Competitor Analysis for PPC

Running a competitor analysis for PPC requires a similar mindset to playing poker.  

It’s about more than just observing; it’s about delving deep, understanding the nuances, and predicting the next move in the complex world of digital marketing.

Here’s how to conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis for PPC, integrating the suggested keywords to enhance SEO:

1. Utilizing Ahrefs for PPC Competitor Research

Ahrefs is well-known for its robust SEO and PPC competitor analysis tools. It’s instrumental in offering detailed insights into your competitors’ PPC strategies, thereby enhancing your PPC advertising approach.

Identifying Competitors with Similar Keywords

Before delving into PPC keyword research, it’s vital to recognize who your PPC competitors are. Interestingly, they may not always align with your direct business competitors.

Using Site Explorer: Enter your domain in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and examine the “Competing Domains” section. This helps identify websites that share common keywords with you, highlighting your SEO and potential PPC competition.

Keywords Your Competitors Rank for and You Don’t (SEO)

Understanding the keywords where your competitors have an SEO advantage can provide critical insights for your PPC strategy.

Content Gap Analysis: Ahrefs’ “Content Gap” tool is designed to reveal keywords that your competitors rank for in SEO, but you don’t. This aspect is vital for identifying missed opportunities in your PPC campaigns.

Uncovering Your Competitors’ Most Valuable Keywords

Discovering the keywords that drive the most traffic for your competitors can guide your PPC keyword targeting.

Traffic and CPC Analysis: In Ahrefs, sort the keywords by those with the highest traffic and apply a CPC filter of over $3. This process uncovers the most valuable keywords that your competitors are targeting.

Uncovering Keywords Your Competitors Missed

Identifying less competitive yet valuable keywords that your competitors have overlooked can give you an edge.

Low Traffic, High CPC Keywords: Search for keywords with the least traffic but a CPC filter of more than $3 in Ahrefs. Targeting these keywords could open doors to niche markets with less competition.

Analyzing Competitor PPC Keywords with Ahrefs

Ahrefs provides an in-depth view of your competitors’ PPC strategies, focusing on the keywords they’re investing in.

Competitor Domain Analysis – Enter your competitor’s domain in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and navigate to the “PPC keywords” section. This reveals the keywords they’re bidding on and their ad spend.

Ad Copy and History – The “Ads” tab gives insights into competitors’ ad copies and their evolution, helping you refine your messaging and marketing strategy.

Discovering New Keywords and Monitoring Competitors

Ahrefs’ keyword research tool and ongoing monitoring functionalities are key to staying ahead in search marketing.

Gap Analysis – Utilize the “Content Gap” tool to uncover PPC keywords your competitors are targeting but you aren’t.

Keyword Explorer – Investigate related keywords with high search volume but low difficulty that your competitors may have overlooked.

Alerts and Continuous Monitoring – Set up Ahrefs alerts for new competitor PPC keywords and ads, ensuring you’re always updated with their latest strategies.

2. SpyFu for In-Depth PPC Competitor Analysis

SpyFu specializes in providing detailed insights into competitors’ PPC campaigns, making it a valuable asset for your PPC strategy.

Competitor Identification with SpyFu

SpyFu isn’t the best to uncover additional competitor info. It gives you the SERP from Google, so you can just Google it yourself. 

However, it does showcase  ad history and keyword info for a given website. .

Competitor Domain Search – Enter your competitor’s domain in SpyFu to access the “PPC Research” tab and download their PPC keyword lists.

Ad Copies and Variations Analysis – Review the various ad copies used by competitors for specific keywords, informing your PPC ad strategies.

Uncovering New Opportunities and Monitoring Competitors with SpyFu

SpyFu’s features help identify untapped keywords and keep track of competitors’ PPC moves.

Kombat Feature – Compare your domain with competitors’ using the Kombat feature to spot new keyword opportunities and assess the overlap rate.

  • Related Keywords and Alerts: Explore related keywords and set up alerts for updates in your competitors’ keyword strategies.

3. iSpionage for Comprehensive PPC Competitor Insights

iSpionage offers unique features for PPC competitor analysis. While it provides valuable insights, it’s important to remember that the data may not always be entirely accurate. Use iSpionage to identify potential keyword opportunities you might be missing compared to others. Build estimates from this data but don’t rely on it as your primary reference.

What you can do with iSpionage

Identifying who your PPC competitors are sets the foundation for your competitor research.

Initial Competitor Research List known competitors and use iSpionage’s search function with relevant keywords to discover others.

Uncover PPC info with iSpionage

iSpionage provides a comprehensive overview of your competitors’ PPC activities, including targeted keywords and ad performance.

Competitor Domain Analysis – Analyze your competitors’ PPC campaigns by entering their domain into iSpionage and reviewing their targeted keywords.

Ad Copies and Landing Page Analysis – Assess competitors’ ad copies and landing pages to gain insights into their PPC advertising tactics.

Exploring New Keywords and Continuous Monitoring with iSpionage

Stay ahead in PPC competition with iSpionage’s keyword gap analysis and monitoring tools.

Keyword Opportunity Discovery – Utilize iSpionage to find keywords that your competitors may have missed, targeting these to improve your search marketing.

Ongoing Monitoring and Alerts – Regularly check your competitors’ strategies and set up alerts for new targeted keywords.

Avoiding Competitor Obsession

It’s also crucial not to become overly fixated on your competitors. Focusing too much on competitor activities can divert attention from your own strategy development. Use the insights gained from iSpionage as a guide, but ensure that your primary focus remains on building and optimizing your unique PPC strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Look for in PPC Competitor Research?

Focus on identifying your competitors’ most valuable keywords and areas where they’re lacking but are relevant to you. This includes analyzing their ad copy strategies and organic traffic.

2. How Often Should I Conduct PPC Competitor Analysis?

While keeping an eye on the industry and competitive landscape initially is useful, don’t spend too much time on this. Conduct one-off research when you notice something interesting from a competitor. Remember, the primary focus should be on your own PPC.

3. What Are the Best Tools for Competitor Analysis in PPC?

We recommend using Ahrefs, Google Ads, and Meta Facebook Ads Library. These platforms are sufficient for effective PPC competitor analysis.

4. How Do I Conduct a Competitor Analysis for PPC?

Check out competitors’ keywords and ads using tools like Ahrefs. Understand that obtaining accurate ad spend info or detailed strategy insights isn’t practical and isn’t the best use of your time.

5. Can PPC Competitor Analysis Tools Significantly Improve My Marketing Campaigns?

While PPC competitor analysis tools offer insights, they have limited impact. If you need substantial help, consider hiring someone knowledgeable in PPC. Remember, a tool is just a tool.

6. How Can I Optimize My PPC Strategy Based on Competitor Research?

Focus on refining your own PPC strategy. Use competitor research sparingly to tweak your keyword selection, pricing, and ad messaging. Don’t get too caught up in what your competitors are doing.

7. Can I Target the Same PPC Keywords as My Competitors?

Yes, especially if those keywords are highly relevant to your target audience and align with your marketing strategy. However, focus on your priority keywords that bring quality leads or traffic.

8. What is the Importance of Ad History in PPC Competitor Analysis?

Ad history can give some insights into the evolution of competitors’ strategies, but its accuracy can be questionable. Don’t overemphasize it in your analysis.

9. Can PPC Competitor Analysis Tools Aid in Content Marketing?

Yes, they can help discover keywords that could inform your content strategy, potentially driving more organic traffic and engaging your audience.

10. Are There Risks in Directly Copying Competitors’ PPC Keywords?

Copying competitors’ keywords can be risky and expensive, and may not always be relevant. Use these insights as a guide rather than a direct strategy.

11. Is It Beneficial to Monitor Competitors’ Social Media in PPC Campaigns?

Monitoring competitors’ social media can provide insights but don’t let it dominate your strategy. Use it to complement your PPC and content marketing strategies.

12. How Can I Identify Gaps in My Competitors’ PPC Strategies?

Use tools like Ahrefs to find keywords that competitors aren’t targeting effectively, especially those ranking 20+ in positions. This can reveal potential opportunities.

13. What Is the Best Way to Track the Effectiveness of My PPC Strategy Against Competitors?

Focus on your own PPC strategy’s key performance indicators, like click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI. Comparing with competitors is less important than ensuring your own strategy’s success.

Wrapping Up: Your Winning Edge in PPC

We’ve journeyed through the competitive world of PPC, much like navigating the hallways of high school with ambition and strategy. Remember those days spent strategizing over textbooks? Well, it turns out they were preparing us for something much bigger: the cutthroat world of digital marketing.

As we’ve explored, diving into competitor PPC keywords isn’t just about keeping an eye on the other players; it’s about outsmarting the game itself. It’s about turning insights into action and transforming your campaigns into undeniable successes. This isn’t just a lesson in PPC; it’s a strategy for staying ahead, constantly pushing the boundaries, and never settling for second best.

As you move forward, armed with the right tools and a sharpened strategy, remember that this is your playground. You’re not here to follow; you’re here to lead. So take that competitive spirit, that relentless pursuit of excellence, and channel it into every campaign you create. In the world of PPC, you’re not just a player. You’re a game changer.

Ready to Lead the Game? 

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