Unbounce Pages Review: Pros, Cons, and 12 Easy-to-Follow Examples

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Most landing pages have an average conversion rate of 2.35% or less, but an attractive, responsive, and tested landing page could earn you significantly more conversions. However, it’s hard and time-consuming to build an effective landing page from scratch. 

That’s why there are so many landing page builders to help you efficiently create a page that boosts ROI. Unbounce is one of the premium examples with a wide variety of features designed to help you succeed.  

XYZ Advantage’s team of marketing specialists has experience driving ROI for numerous industries, which is why we reviewed a diverse range of Unbounce pages. Each one demonstrates easy-to-follow techniques and inspires conversion-based tactics that you can use for your business. 

Keep reading to learn about Unbounce pages, the pros and cons of the platform, and 12 examples to inspire your next project. 

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What are Unbounce Pages?

Image source: Screenshot from http://unbounce.com/

Founded in 2009 with a goal to help users get more out of their marketing, Unbounce has accumulated over 120,000 and powered billions of conversions. 

To put it, Unbounce is a landing page builder that offers a complete suite of AI-powered features designed to amplify performance and simplify the construction of landing pages. That’s why they are widely considered to be one of the best landing page builders on the market.

With Unbounce, you can easily drag and drop design elements and functions into the builder that displays exactly what your page will look like when it’s complete. Additionally, their new AI smart builder automatically builds a layout based on your preferences.

One of the key features that make Unbounce so effective at producing conversion results is its A/B testing and targeting tools. This allows you to create multiple landing page versions to discover the best option for conversions. 

Additionally, you can integrate a wide range of eCommerce, CRM, and email marketing applications with your Unbounce pages.

Unbounce Landing Page Features

Unbounce offers a comprehensive suite of features to help you create landing pages that convert, including landing page templates, pop-ups and sticky bars, A/B testing, smart traffic, AMP landing pages, and more. 

Landing Page Templates

Unbounce offers over 100 standard landing page types. With the Classic Builder that allows drag-and-drop functionality, you can access landing page templates based on campaign type, industry, or use case. 

One thing that stands out when it comes to Unbounce vs WordPress or other webpage builders is the Smart Builder. This feature uses AI to make landing pages much easier by recommending high-converting elements, layouts, and even copywriting customized for your industry and audience.  

Pop-Ups and Sticky Bars

Unbounce also offers pop-ups and sticky bars that are great for lead generation, building an email marketing list, or promoting specific products or services. You can effortlessly choose from a variety of templates and automated campaigns and target specific pop-ups or sticky bars based on your visitor’s browser history. 

Lead Form Builder

You can easily add a lead form to your Unbounce pages simply by dragging the Widget and dropping it where you want it on your landing page. You can easily customize the design and add in the specific fields that you want to use for your customers. Then, you can test its performance with the next Unbounce feature. 

A/B Testing

Since conversions are your primary goal, Unbounce integrated A/B testing for all users. This allows you to easily split-test your landing page designs, pop-ups, sticky bars, and more. 

Whether you want to test completely different landing pages or try small variations in copywriting, call-to-actions, headlines, or forms, this feature makes it easy with just a few clicks. 

Smart Traffic

Smart Traffic is Unbounce’s AI targeting tool that analyzes traffic to direct visitors to the landing page variant that is most likely to convert. By creating several landing page versions and testing them at the same time, the Smart Traffic feature will gather information, including browsers, devices, and locations, to determine conversion patterns that amplify conversions. 

Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic text replacement makes it possible to match the copy of your landing pages to the traffic. For example, when a visitor searches for a specific keyword that leads them to your landing page, the dynamic text replacement feature will adjust your Unbounce page specifically for that keyword and visitor.  

Analytics and Reporting

The Unbounce platform makes it easy to track analytics and A/B test results with a user-friendly dashboard. Simply view total conversions, conversion rate, lead information, and landing page performance. Plus, you can automate the entire reporting process to save even more time with your campaign. 

AMP Landing Pages

Unbounce offers Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP landing pages, that optimize your page for mobile access. This contributes to faster load times and more conversions. 

Unbounce offers over 15 pre-designed AMP templates that you can customize for your campaign, including business type, target audience, and desired goal. If you’re trying to decide between Unbounce vs. Leadpages, it’s features like AMP landing pages and more customizability that make Unbounce stand out.

Unbounce Pros

Image source: Screenshot from http://unbounce.com/

  • Easy to use with drag-and-drop functionality 
  • Extensive customization 
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • AI-Powered Smart Builder, Smart Traffic, and more
  • Integrates with over 900 other e-commerce and marketing tools
  • Fast turnaround using copy generation, over 100 templates, and more
  • Standalone tests for rebuilding a website
  • Mobile responsive AMP landing pages 
  • Targeting tools like Smart Traffic and dynamic text replacement for PPC

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Unbounce Cons 

  • Pricing, especially if you plan on having a lot of traffic or conversions or need multiple domains that aren’t available with their most affordable plan that starts at $99/month. Other plans cost $145/month. $240/month, and $625+/month. 
  • Not as many templates as some other builders
  • The significant learning curve with advanced features, some of which require HTML/CSS/JS skills
  • Customer support is lacking, with common complaints condemning their lack of training, poor refund policy, and long customer service wait times

High-ROI Unbounce Page Secret Alert

Regardless of the goal or industry, you can use this framework to build a landing page in 10 mins. Simply work your way through the steps from the top of the page to the bottom. 

  1. Aggregate review data in the hero section: Use reviews to build credibility and support your offer in the hero section so that visitors can see it without scrolling. 
  2. Single CTA in the hero: Use a clear, single CTA or form in the hero section to give the visitor some clarity and simplify clicks. 
  3. Feature reputable client/publisher/partner logos: Establish trust by featuring logos of reputable and recognizable partners and clients immediately under the hero section. 
  4. Highlight benefits: Focus on highlighting the benefits of your offer near the top of the page, just under the hero section. Then, continue to point them out throughout the page with both conversion copywriting and advantage-focused images.
  5. How it works/what you can expect section: Demonstrate the benefits and features concisely in a “How it Works” or “What You Can Expect” section by showing clearly how your product or service takes prospects from where they are to where they want to go. 
  6. Features/Comparison: Use a features section to appeal to your customer’s rational side and support the benefits. You can also use a comparison table or section to show why you are the clear choice over competitors. 
  7. Testimonials – text + image + video (bonus): As a bonus to enhance the page and elevate conversions, highlight testimonials, use a graphic or video, or add an image with text to support the benefits and feature sections above. 
  8. FAQs: Answer the most common questions your customers ask to provide value and respond to potential objections. 
  9. Bottom CTA: Use a clear CTA that encourages the reader to click at the bottom of the page as well. You never want your prospect to bounce because they can’t find the button. 
  10. Footer: Include relevant information in your footer or a contact form but avoid links because you don’t want visitors to bounce from your conversion landing page.  

12 Easy-to-Follow Examples of Unbounce Pages

Now for our Unbounce page reviews, including 12 diverse examples of Unbounce Pages from a variety of industries with elements to inspire your next campaign. 

Example #1: Sven & Son

This e-commerce Unbounce page example is for the bed and mattress company Sven & Son. It uses a simple design, makes good use of testimonials, uses a balanced combination of images and copywriting, and includes clear CTA buttons at the top and bottom of the page. 

see the full image

By using a separate page for their discount sale, they can effectively use Unbounce features to track their sales campaign and compare the results of their new 40% off prices. Plus, it allows Sven & Son to use ROI-driven discount ads based on the discounted price. 

Results: This Unbounce page provides metrics that the business could use to track conversions and ROI easily for their single product-based campaign. This allows them to boost conversion rates as it relates to profitability and see the best price for their product without losing full-price sales. 

Example #2: SureSale 

This mobile-friendly Unbounce landing page is an excellent example because it demonstrates the key features of a newcomer in the car-buying industry. They clearly highlight benefits and use logos for reputable partners. They also clearly state what they do differently from their competitor, Carfax.

They also use a customized Unbounce form that asks for the specific VIN or license plate number and state to encourage users to find out about their specific car’s value. Additionally, the FAQs at the bottom of the page offer further information for potential customers who still want to know what makes SureSale different from competitors, how it works, and more. 

see the full image

Results: The result of this page was rapid growth, including thousands of new users within 3 months. Additionally, this campaign raised awareness of the startup as an industry competitor and detailed alternatives to older brands. 

Example #3: Stormwise

This attractive auto hail repair Unbounce page example offers a simple hero section with a clear question to qualify and engage prospects, “Was your car damaged by recent hailstorms?” 

The rest of the hero section is dedicated to showing the most promising benefits and features and allowing the customer to input vehicle-specific information to receive a free quote. Below the hero section, there are clear benefits, logos of recognizable insurance brands they accept, and reviews to build credibility and trust. 

see the full image

This page highlights the excellent customizability of Unbounce pages that makes good use of the drag-and-drop functionality because every section is intentional, purposeful, and designed for conversion.  

Results: This landing page not only captured hundreds of leads but lays the foundation for a 7-figure business model. It’s not overly sales-y or pushy, qualifies customers, and offers a free CTA type that intrigues curiosity. 

Example #4: Novel Capital

Novel Capital is a B2B SaaS company that offers capital to software companies and their Unbounce landing page and makes good use of a variety of features. 

They use an integrated Calendly CTA in addition to the primary call to action, images that clearly display their platform, and an Unbounce template that makes good use of white space for a modern, professional aesthetic. 

see the full image

Furthermore, this landing page is designed to generate leads, and every element works toward this goal. The FAQs section answers objections and qualifies leads, while the three-step section clearly shows the process without sounding sales-y.

Results:  This Novel Capital landing page was exceptionally successful and doubled the number of generated leads, many of which were converted into long-term partners. That’s because it does a great job not only of generating leads but of qualifying them too. 

Example #5: Hudson River Park Friends – Pier 26

Non-profits like Hudson River Park Friends also use Unbounce pages. This beautiful landing page offers high-quality images, benefit-focused copywriting, clear messaging, and a detailed form to gather lead information. 

The integrated fundraising bar shows how much they raised and how much further they have until they reach their goal, which not only demonstrates the importance of each donation but also shows that others care about their cause. 

see the full image

They also featured celebrities on this landing page, like Martha Stewart and Lucy Liu, that have donated to their cause. Plus, since Hudson River Park Friends used Unbounce, they can test different messaging to discover the best landing page for donations. 

Results: By using Unbounce, the Pier 26 fundraising campaign was able to optimize landing pages and discover the best option for donation conversions. This allows them to reach their fundraising goals faster so they can start working on the end goal: building the play structure for children. 

Example #6: Capture 40% Off Page

Capture is a company that scans photos and digitizes analog media like home movies, videotapes, films, and more. Their Unbounce landing page focuses on offering 40% off while also gathering information about the prospect using a short question. 

see the full image

Using this data, they can target email marketing campaigns toward those who want photo services, VHS services, and film services. Additionally, the page is put together well using the Unbounce platform, covers all the primary benefits steps to use their service, and answers objections with a FAQs section. 

They also use recognizable partner logos like Walmart, CVS, and Costco, as well as a star rating and reviews to build credibility. Combined with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, the visitor should feel comfortable and trusting.

Results: Capture was able to use its Unbounce page to create targeted email lists based on visitor preferences and gather feedback on its prospective customer base. This 40% off campaign also encourages new loyal customers and adds to their credibility in their industry.   

Example #7: Capture Free Transfer Lead Gen Page

Capture has another landing page that’s a great example of focusing on a specific customer base and using effective targeting. 

Instead of trying to do too much, this page simplifies the messaging to photo and photo album scanning and offers a free transfer. Additionally, it effectively highlights their partnership with Google Photos and their experience with a review that mentions 10 years of satisfaction. 

see the full image

Despite the free offer, they also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the landing page uses contrasting colors to make sure visitors see the clear messaging, free transfer, and clear CTA buttons. 

Finally, there is very little that distracts from the page’s purpose, and they use an Unbounce page scrolling banner to make it easy for the customer to click no matter where they are on the page. 

Results: This page generates email leads by offering a free transfer and was highly effective for getting targeted leads primarily focused on photo scanning. This allows Capture to target messaging and gradually expand to further services. 

Example #8: Capita Mortgage 

This brief landing page for Capita Mortgage is designed to target prospects who are considering refinancing, and it does so effectively. The form is simple, with dropdown menus before asking for name and email. The simplicity of this Unbounce page offers another benefit as well: testing.   

This page utilizes Unbounce’s easy A/B testing extremely well because, with so few elements on the page, they can nail down exactly what is boosting or hurting conversions. This leads to continuous optimization as well as different targeting and Smart Traffic advantages should they use those Unbounce features as well. 

see the full image

Results: The result of this page is unlimited testing possibilities as well as simplified messaging and lead generation that gathers relevant information from their prospects using drop-down menus. 

Example #9: Paranormal Palace

Whether daily, like the Paranormal Palace Halloween party, or even weekly or monthly, online events marketing can get difficult. 

However, this Unbounce landing page shows an effective use of a limited-time event that doesn’t have a homepage or other online marketing materials. Instead, they use this PPC landing page for scalable ticket sales that offers all the information you need to know about the event. 

Additionally, since they are driving traffic with PPC ads, they have access to the Unbounce dynamic text replacement feature that will match the copy to specific keywords and traffic sources. This potentially results in higher conversions and a better party for everyone. 

see the full image

Results: Affordable PPC advertising generates sales, raises awareness of the event, and can be tested, optimized, improved, and targeted to specific traffic for scalability. Plus, the Unbounce integration with Eventbrite made it easy for people to buy tickets to this event as well as other upcoming events from the same company. 

Example #10: Franklin D. Azar & Associates

This legal landing page for the personal injury lawyer Franklin D. Azar offers so much to like. First, it has a great hero section with a form to gather relevant information. Additionally, it effectively uses the Unbounce banner feature to always keep a secondary CTA on the page. 

see the full image

Furthermore, there are buttons to view the page in Spanish, visit a more focused landing page, or call the office directly. Additionally, it uses Unbounce to integrate Google Maps of its three locations in Colorado so potential customers can easily find if the office is nearby. 

Results: This landing page used Unbounce banners, integrated applications, templates, and more to triple conversion rates by establishing credibility, encouraging both English and Spanish speakers, and highlighting a wide variety of legal services. 

Example #11: Resi

While many big tech companies use Unbounce pages, Netflix included, this streaming company’s landing page demonstrates a wide variety of customizable features. It utilizes the Unbounce banner feature to display a CTA and effectively promotes benefits, and qualifies customers with simple integrated forms.

see the full image

Not only that, but they use interactive elements that allow you to click to learn more about specific features and even integrate a YouTube video directly onto the page. Even their headline changes to show all the potential uses for their service, like churches, sports, business, education, and more. 

Results: Effective lead generation that not only generates leads but ensures high-quality leads by using a changing headline, qualifying questions on the form, and benefit-focused copywriting. 

Example #12: Unbounce

see the full image

This is a good example of Unbounce because it’s from the company itself and offers a wide range of features. It shows how much you can customize a template using their platform and integrates a chatbot, banner, and multiple pricing options with separate CTA buttons. 

The contrasting colors make it easy on the eyes, and it also does a great job of showing the results they’ve generated, including the number of leads, sales, and signups, and the speed of landing page creation compared to other landing page builders. 

Finally, they use plenty of call-to-actions throughout the entire page to ensure that visitors don’t bounce off the page, as their name suggests. 

Results: What do you think about this Unbounce, Unbounce page? While we are unsure about specific results, we think it makes great use of their features in an organized way that simultaneously shows how well their platform works for quickly and effectively building conversion-optimized landing pages. 

Your Key to High-Converting Landing Pages

Unbounce pages offer a wide variety of exceptional features designed specifically to encourage higher conversion rates. As our examples demonstrated, you can use Unbounce features to fully customize templates, integrate other applications, test variations, boost conversions, or use AI tools for copywriting assistance, targeting, and more. 

Hopefully, these examples inspire you to create your own high-performance Unbounce page. If you have trouble, simply use the 10-minute Unbounce page framework or schedule a consultation with our professionals to boost your conversions and elevate your marketing. 

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