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Enormous Leeway Yielding Unprecedented Outcomes

June 17, 2017
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January 10, 2018
Rekindle an Old Flame – Literally
June 6, 2017

Aligning Vision for the Future Expansion

FC Crestone is regarded as special situation boutique private investors and has been very successful in the turnaround private equity field. For a long time, the company had not paid much attention to their digital presence and their long existing website does not match the level of sophistication of services FC Crestone delivers.

Upon the 10-year anniversary, the managing partners of FC Crestone approached XYZ Advantage to revamp the brand and the website.

Distill the Essence

We started out the project by interviewing the partners at FC Crestone. From our notes, we charted out the entire story of the customers, from the moment they got to know about FC Crestone, to the forge of the partnership, to all the major ups and downs along the journey, and of course eventually the experience when all parties witnessed the extremely successful results. That is when we hit the idea of "Enormous Leeway Yielding Unprecedented Outcomes".


The interviews and investigations also revealed the common brand messaging thread that customers recall when they refer to the company and the team.

We then presented the brand findings and a few simplified options for the FC Crestone brand.

Website Revamped

The design and development of the website heavily focuses on credibility demonstration. What it means includes efforts to clarify and simplify the brand messaging and the investment criteria, as well as multiple runs of content revision to fine-tuning the case studies.