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Helping Families. Helping Kids

January 10, 2018
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April 20, 2018
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June 17, 2017

Navigating All Things Education

The $16 Billion Testing & Educational Support Industry is big, — so big with so much information that it is easy for any parent to get lost on a journey of getting answers for their children who experience academic challenges.

As the Research Professor, Dian Ravitch stated “There are no simple solutions, no miracle cures to those problems. Education is a slow, arduous process that requires the work of willing students, dedicated teachers, and supportive families, as well as a coherent system.”

Navigating Education is founded to help parents and schools navigate "all things education" for solutions related to general education and special education issues so that families will get correct and thorough answers.

The founder behind Navigating Education is highly qualified, experienced, and extremely motivated to bring simplicity and solutions to families and schools. During a brand workshop, the essence and core messaging of Navigating Education were distilled into differentiators to guide the brand design, the structure of the website, and content.

The Devil is in the Details

Small details, like contact form in the footer, hours in the header, testimonials lead to call to action. The Navigating Education services are graphically rich and friendly. The overall effect separates the company from the education testing crowd, and from common industry perceptions.