Balance of Brand and Ecommerce

MOVO Photo, an innovative brand of professional audio, photography, and video equipment.

As the agency of record for the company working closely with the CEO, we developed a unique brand story that challenges the standard e-commerce experience to reveal the support and donations that MOVO contributes to various non-profit organizations.

The Brand that Helps Millions Tell Their Stories

MOVO Photo is an innovative brand of professional audio, photography, and video equipment. The company started with a mission to mobilize creative story-telling. With high-quality products, backed by innovative technology and smart pricing strategy, MOVO has grown exponentially year after year. A critical step is to have the digital brand recognition among thousands of retailers worldwide.

The CEO of MOVO Photo approached XYZ Advantage to develop a singular and powerful story for the brand.

Cause-Marketing Branding Strategy

The brand story challenges the standard e-commerce experience. Instead of focusing on the technology, the quality, or even the services to customers (which all mean a ton to MOVO), the spotlight reveals the humble support and equipment donations that the company contributes to various non-profit organizations.

#1 in “What Matters to You”

Brand credibility comes from the promises it makes and the actions it takes. For MOVO, these promises and actions are centered around responsibilities for making customers their top priority. With this insight in mind, the company made a bold choice to claim the following.

Our Approach:

  • Product-Centric Search Analysis
  • Consumer-Driven Content
  • Vertical Content Strategy
  • External Link Profile
  • Landing Page A/B Tests


  • 98.79% Increase in targeted traffic volume
  • 217% Increase in SEO-Driven online revenue
  • 93.33% Decrease in cost per acquisition

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