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Retirement System Designed for Government Employees

August 27, 2019
Crowded Streets
Protecting Victims’ Rights
September 28, 2019
Blue Gospel Scripts
Scripture Soulfully Staged
August 3, 2019

Established Past, Exciting Future

Colorado Retirement Association has been a trustworthy local government retirement plan provider for Colorado, with more than 20,000 active employee participants representing Colorado counties, municipalities and special districts.

During its rebranding efforts (previously known as CCOERA), the organization was seeking a reputable long-term partner for the website revamp with extremely short deadlines. In order to further expand to serve all government entities in Colorado, specific requirements for system integration and future scale added unique challenges to this project.

With in-depth expertise in the finance industry and our commitment to rapid turnaround, we were chosen for this project. Not only did we successfully finished all tasks on hand, but we also completed the website for beta review ahead of schedule so that the client has sufficient time to review and debug.

Dynamic Templates for Various Needs

As CRO experts, we understand the different roles of various content pages during the customer journey. To set CRA up for a successful future, we have customized a number of templates unique for specific intent. While top-funnel templates keep the pages easy to navigate, the bottom funnel template includes a treasure-box of useful tools for call-to-actions, social proof, and other conversion-focused designs.