Scripture Soulfully Staged

Blue Gospel Scripts, the whole Bible in episodes, with rich media, music, dialogue to reveal God’s Word in a powerful and creative way.

As the agency of record for the organization working closely with the producers, we enjoyed creating the brand and the marketing experience from the ground up.

Powerfully Dynamic, Refreshingly Creative

This is not your typical experience with the Bible.

Blue Gospel Scripts takes a proven, layered multimedia approach for making a message memorable and applies that to the world’s overwhelming Biblical illiteracy. It allows you to see, to hear, and to even touch, to experience The Bible like never before.

The Evidence of Faith in Action

It is exciting to create something unique, especially when the potential to reach the audience is limitless. Yet, whenever a new concept is introduced, it takes time to build up the awareness and the audience. It is no difference to launch a one-of-a-kind Bible Experience.

Religious outreach itself can be seen as awkward, not to say a brand-new concept that is difficult to explain. Recognizing the challenge and the (huge) potential, we chose video content as the primary media and social media as the platform to break the ice. Through videos of mini experiences and socially-curated conversations, we brought BGS to the community.

Cohesive and Comprehensive Experience

To keep the entire experience cohesive and consistent, we customized every detail from search ads, social media posts, to landing page experience, to email conversations, text communications, ticket purchase/donation, check-in process, and post-event follow ups.

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