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Simplifying Complexity

November 3, 2016
360˚ Healing
March 29, 2017
Reaching New Heights
August 30, 2016

Helping PROGRID SYSTEMS, an advanced microgrid coalition system simplify its offering and promote how they bring the world's leading microgrid system to businesses around the US.

Progrid Systems is a comprehensive route to a universal microgrid installation. Unlike traditional utility companies and energy solutions, which often provide one specific service, Progrid is forming a strategic coalition to provide a full-cycle solutions that tackles designing, engineering, financing and operating issues.

We were lucky enough to help Progrid with their branding and the initial website presence.

The focus of the branding and the website (which is a multi-phased project) is to clearly communicate the benefits of a full-cycle microgrid system, without spilling details. Security, efficiency, and the cost benefits are incredibly important points that needed to be designed and articulated in a way that resonated with military and government users.

It was important we integrated our UX, content, design and technical specialists throughout the process, while also collaborating with the client early and often.


In the end, the result was a clean, clear, powerful visual representation of what this solution can do for government, military and business users around the US.