Through the LENZ

July 30, 2016
Reaching New Heights
August 30, 2016
A Fresh New Look for Art
March 3, 2016

We worked side-by-side with Joline and her team to create a unique experience for manufacturing companies to better understand their talent strategy and improve ROI through hiring quality candidates.

The "WOW" Recruiting Service Joline and her team are a different type of recruiter. They truly believe there is a unique position for every talent in the world and they are obsessed with finding the most suitable match within the manufacturing sector.

A Brand New Online Identity The LENZ Firm needed a fresh new look and feel for its website to announce the industry focus (in manufacturing and mining) as well as their refreshed identity.


Explore Opportunities. Exploring the opportunities presented at LENZ Firm should be simple and intuitive. Candidates can sort the open positions by industry, location, and position types.

Industry Expertise & Insight. Core to the LENZ Firm is its capability in filtering skill sets and matching the skill set, personality, and potential between candidates and employers.